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Confidence In Dance

February 14, 2016 is the day of a special event within the Oportunidance Project works. We had a special guest, Dani K from London, one of the instructors in vogue in the capital of England. Not only a good dancer or DJ, Dani K is a fine connoisseur of human nature, of the motivation and of the levers that must be hard-pressed to cause you to do the correct choices in dance and beyond. Dani spoke about the confidence in dance and about its importance, about what and how to do to win and use it to the own benefit. A pleasant and intense workshop wherefrom each and every one left richer in knowledge.

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Social Dance - Do's And Don'ts

No matter what is the corner of the world where you choose to socially dance, beyond the local customs, there are some applicable general rules with reference to the permissible or non-permissible things 

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