Basic Step - Bachata - Beginner

Bachata is a sensual, playful, romantic dance. It is a dance easier to assimilate than salsa, but able to offer many inner feelings of a unique depth.

A mandatory option in the portfolio of a social dancer who respects themselves. It is probably the most well known and loved dance from the Dominican Republic. It is danced "on 1" (the man steps on the left foot on time 1). The music is romantic and melodious, the dance is sensual and playful. Bachata is a continuously evolving dance. Once banned because of its sensuality (Juan Luis Guerra contributed massively to remove the dance from obscure clubs and bring it into the mainstream with his music), it started from a traditional style and has gotten to a point which was unsuspected in the beginning. Dancers brought influences from other genres and the musicians did the same. Nowadays there are several bachata style: bacha-tango, sensual bachata, street bachata, or kizo-bacha-tango.