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Oportunidad Feat. Oportunidance - Meet Andreea Hagiu Featured

Andreea Hagiu Andreea Hagiu

Felix Crainicu: What does Oportunidance Project mean to you?
Andreea Hagiu: The amazing mix of the two things which make me feel great – dancing and speaking foreign languages.

Which is your favourite part of the project?
The best thing so far is the challenge of moves and patterns that I keep searching for in order to make new dance tutorials. And although it is not the case at the moment, I am absolutely sure that travelling to our partners’ countries, talking to people I do not know and dancing around with them will soon become my favourite thing about Oportunidance.

has1How short is the road from Oportunidad to Oportunidance?
Exactly from one to three letters (laughing). Just like with Oportunidad (opportunity in Spanish), the project has been a great chance for people to evolve and become a better version of themselves; at least this is what has been going on with me. Both of them have given me the opportunity to be as creative and crazy as possible and a great role in this has been played by the people next to me.

When the project is over, what will you have gained or lost?
The gain will be having spent time quality time dancing and travelling and the loss would be a few pounds and ruined dancing shoes, I guess.

If you were to introduce the project to someone you know, what will you start saying and why?
I would start with saying that I would not be part of it if it weren’t awesome.

When you don’t dance, what do you do?
I listen to salsa music and imagine I am dancing usually on my way to work, which is in an NGO. Other than that, I laugh, walk and talk.


has4The lightning round:

What is your favourite food? Cheese.

Favourite movie? Before Sunrise.

Favourite book? Lorelei by Ionel Teodoreanu.

Best football player? Felix Emilian Crainicu.

What does the world need in order to be a better place? Fun blonde girls.

Where is Funafuti? Although I scored a perfect 10 (the maximum grade in Romania) at the final Geography exam in secondary school – Capacitate Exam – I must admit this is a difficult question and what is more, I was told it is a ‘cioacă’ type of question so I dunno what else to say, man…

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